Jalayimiya Swim was recently featured on the cover of the NIT Style Up January 2024 edition.

"First Nations fashion brands stole the spotlight in 2023, and in 2024 the industry is switching things up as the standing of Indigenous-founded swimwear brands hit an all-time high. First Nations-founded and designed Jalayimiya Swim, launched in 2022 by designer Brodie George, creates Country-conscious swimwear that strives to inspire visibility and admiration for the oldest living cultures in the world. Having grown up in Fitzroy Crossing in WA’s Kimberley, designer Brodie George values community and culture above anything else".

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In the second episode of Indigenous Insights, Clair Parker, the visionary behind Clair Helen, sat down with Brodie George, the talented Walmajarri and Gooniyandi designer behind Jalayimiya Swim.

As accomplished First Nation designers, these inspiring women delve into various topics such as fashion, cultural influences, entrepreneurial spirit, the digital landscape's power, and the complex facets of modern society.

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Walmajarri designer Brodie George has been selected to showcase her label Jalayimiya Swim at the Flying Solo Runway during New York Fashion Week in September.

Created as an off-schedule event running alongside New York Fashion Week, Flying Solo strives to provide emerging designers with the opportunity to showcase and exhibit their work all whilst networking, with an established crowd of editors, press and media.

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