About Me

My name is Brodie George.
I’m a Walmajarri woman from Fitzroy Crossing in The Kimberley of Western Australia. My Aboriginal name is Jalayimiya and my Skin Name is Nakarra - All Walmajarri people belong to one of eight skin groups. Skin groups help people to know how they are related to each other. 
I spent my childhood surrounded by family, country and culture learning & using language and watching old people paint at Mangkaja Arts. 
Being very artistic from a young age the artwork of my mob has influenced the creations of my designs - a very distinct bright desert style with a modern adaption. 

 Pictured: My Jaja (Grandmother), Mum & I

I paint my perception of the country I grew up on using bright colours often seen in The Kimberley region of northern Western Australia. 
We moved down to Perth to further my High School education and we have lived here ever since.
Even though we’re a long way from Fitzroy I still keep connected with my family and culture - this is really important for me and my family. 
I met my Husband when I was 16 - we married in 2014 and now have two children. 
Running this business enables me to have a work/life balance that meets the needs of my family.

 Pictured: Mum & I holding a group art project I was involved in at Fitzroy Crossing DHS which we won and took us to the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Due to impacts of COVID almost 2 years ago I closed the doors of my commercial salon Browmania, a Eyebrow Styling & Cosmetic Tattoo business - this started as a home based salon so I was very proud to have my own commercial premises which had always been a goal of mine. 
As of 2022 after studying and receiving accreditation in Aromatherapy during 2021 I took over hand formulating and blending Kitikiti my Natural Deodorant brand also including some native flora from my home country to make the brand even more unique me. 

 Pictured: my sisters (first cousins) and I attending our Uncle’s funeral.

Jalayimiya Swim was born in September 2022 after dreaming of owning a swimwear brand for more than 10 years.
The brand is a celebration of culture, sustainability & inclusion.
Self love and empowerment leads the way in this community I'm creating encouraging women to appreciate their beauty.
Models for each collection campaign volunteer and are often made up of friends and family to push the boundaires of societies "beauty standards" - photoshoots are not photoshopped or edited to embody their beauty.
 Pictured: Jack (brother), Mum, Dillon (Husband), my daughter, Me and Dad.

Jalayimiya Swim is a “one woman” show on face value however there are many people behind the scenes that make up the team.

My Husband (Dillon) has always been supportive of my entrepreneurship journey which has included a commercial salon, cosmetic tattooing, makeup artistry, aromatherapy, natural deodorant, artwork and now swimwear.
He has always encouraged and supported me with these decisions often funding it as he believes one day this will help setup our family, it has also meant I’ve been able to have a healthy work life balance while raising our children.

Pictured: my sister (first cousin) Billie-Jean Hamlet & I.

My Mum (Rhonda) loves colour, fashion and accessories which is probably where I get it from. Mum gets lots of my creative ideas shared with her and offers her input and advice. Mum also might get a phone call or 2 asking to fund a couple projects when I’ve stretched the limit with Dillon.

My Dad (Des) is the maker/builder often roped into building things for me. His most recent project was trying to design a swimwear hanger to shoot the Yitilal Collection. Dad is located in Fitzroy Crossing majority of the time as he works up there but when he is down here he is behind the scenes. His next job he’s locked in for is helping me setup my markets over the summer period.

Pictured: my sisters (cousins), daughter (niece) and I.

My brother (Jack) gets roped into baby sitting duties when Mum & Dillon are away at work. As a typical little brother he also got tricked into being a model for when I was training in beauty, of course men have the best eyelashes so why wouldn’t I use him as lash lift model?!

The kids - now most of the time they’re in the background being their loud crazy selves as I’m trying process admin and completely overstimulating me. However their favourite part is being involved in the artwork side of the business. They will often help me by painting the bases of my canvases - my daughter is showing keen interest and starting to develop her own art style.

I’m so grateful for this team of people and how they contribute to Jalayimiya Swim and all the other parts of my life.